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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Song

New song from Dskillz Harris, Therese Harris, and Teel (Prod. Scott Xylo)

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Next Tupac


   As an MC, I'm prone to name drop and compare myself to other artists. "Tupac Reincarnated, More Like Biggie's ghost." - ( I've been compared to Tupac (half revolutionary, half thug)but it's never something that I held on to. If anything, I'd rather focus on building my own legacy, and putting my city on, rather than trying to follow his footsteps. If anyone should be seen as the next Tupac Shakur, it's Vince Staples.

  The first Vince Staples song that I heard was "Super." After that, I searched for more of his songs, eventually finding his first song, from Earl SweatShirt's album "Earl." The Left Brain produced track called "Epar." After that, I found Shyne Coldchain Vol.1. I listened to a new rapper who mixed together street smarts, sports knowledge, and strong flow with wordplay.

Like Tupac, Vince Staples is surrounded by a stable of many other great artists. Tupac was affiliated with Digital Underground. Vince Staples, is closely affiliated with Odd Future, and is a member of the Cutthroat Boyz with Joey Fatts and Aston Matthews. Vince hails from Long Beach, California. A.K.A. the home of Snoop Dogg / "Snoop Lion." In a song he once said, "Dre and Easy weren't heroes to us." I'm assuming that since he's from Long Beach, he was alluding to Snoop. I believe that he is a better lyricist than Snoop but Snoop is part of his foundation. They're both seen as "Gangsta Rappers", they're both Crips, and both of them speak their mind. "Kittens soft, but in they songs they trappin hard as Jeezy." - Vince Staples in "Hive" by Earl Sweatshirt.

If you haven't heard him spit, you need to.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Who Won #1 : Ice Cube (And Westside Connection) vs. Common

This article revolves around one of the most infamous 'beefs' during the East Coast - West Coast Rivalry. This specific battle was a result of Common's classic song from the Resserection Album, "I Used To Love Her. (" In this song Common, uses "Her" as a metaphor for Hip-Hop. He explains how she changed throughout its early history and to the present (which would be the past to us.) He showed disdain for the direction that West Coast Hip-Hop was in. "Now she's a gangsta, rollin' wit' gangsta bitches." Ice Cube and several other West Coast Mc's took the last verse of "I Used To Love Her" as Common (At that time known as "Common Sense") was saying that Hip-Hop was pure until the West Coast started taking over. Remember that this is the 90's. This is before rappers started worrying about friendships instead of defending their coasts. (Joe Budden Qoute.) Ice Cube, was and still is known as a fierce battle MC, so he didn't have to announce that he would respond. It was a given. (Thank God for Ice Cube. Nowadays rappers talk shit but don't produce. Direct diss to Fabulous, where was your kendrick response? Ohhhh that's right, "The Real Kings From Brooklyn", fuck outta here with that bullshit, lost all your G status nigga. Back to the article.)

At this time, Ice Cube was in a group called Westside Connection. His group-mates were Mack 10 and WC. They delivered a lyrical assault towards Common called, "Westside Slaughterhouse." Each MC delivered hard hitting lines. " Just A Pussy Whipped Bitch, With No Common Sense. Hip-Hop started in the West. Ice Cube, bailin' through the East without a vest." - Ice Cube. Common heard this song, and decided to shock the world. It was known that Common is from SouthSide Chicago. He's no Bitch. But, he was seen as very calm, poised, and positive. No one expected him to go balls out (, and throw verbal jabs at Ice Cube and Westside Connection.
On an instrumental created by Pete Rock with a sample from The Education of Sonny Carson. Common channels his inner battle mc, and tears shit up. Not only was the song dope, but his shit was somewhat factual. " On the dick of the east, for your first release." Ice Cube went to New York to record his first solo album, and his production team was the Bomb Squad (who made beats for Public Enemy.) He also included many references to when Ice Cube's chain was stolen.

The choice is yours. After listening to both songs, I still can't decide who won. If anything it was a tie. But both sides had major gang affiliations and Minister Farrakhan had to step in to end the fued.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baltimore Hip Hop History Lesson #1

When most people think of Baltimore Hip-Hop, they think of Los, Lil Nay, MullyMan, Labtekwon, Skarr Akbar, and Kevin Liles ( just to name a few, we all know I could go on and on, it'd take too much time, I respect anyone who makes real Hip Hop. I know how rappers do when they feel disrespected, this is not that time.) Today I aim to share some information about one of the early groups from Baltimore,MD. They are considered to be the first group to get put on. After talking to several early Baltimore artists, many of them list the Z 3 Mc's as the premier group from Baltimore. They were signed to Beauty and The Beat Records, and were a renowned group, known in many Baltimore High Schools.

Just Riden (Coast to Coast) - Saafir

"Bored bored in my house it's time 4

Me to hit the streets and find me
A freak without a bra unda." These are the starting lines of a classic song by Saafir. Saafir has been one of my favorite MC's for the longest. He's the leader of the Hobo Junction crew from Oakland, but he's most known for playing the role of "Harold" in Menace 2 Society. His debut album "Boxcar Sessions" is another classic album that dropped in 1994. He stood out amongst several MC's that had a large buzz from the West Coast. At the time, when people thought of West Coast Hip Hop, they automatically thought of Gangsta Rap. That assumption was reasonable since, their pioneers are King Tee (The Foundation, this will be explained in an upcoming article), Ice T, and N.W.A. (Dr. Dre, Easy E, Mc Ren, Dj Yella, Ice Cube). Saafir and Hobo Junction came out during a new wave of Hip Hop. Alongside several Mc's who would meet together and perform at the GoodLife cafe. This includes, Freestyle Fellowship, Souls Of Mischief, and many others. (Apparently Fat Joe, performed at the GoodLife cafe and got boo'd. Maybe because he was from the East Coast?, Not to cast assumptions but that could've been a factor. It could've been because he was a little raw and wasn't the D.I.T.C. Fat Joe who we all miss.) 

Boxcar Sessions helped to set a standard for rap albums. As long as I'm concerned his legacy isn't rooted in albums but in battling. Many West Coast Mc's were fierce battle opponents (Ice Cube, Nuff said). He led Hobo Junction in a battle against the Heiroglyphics Crew ( Led by Del the funky Homosapien.) Legend states that the battle happened because Heiro was upset about the fact that Casual ( Heiro Mc, underground legend, check out Fear Itself....), featured Saafir on his album, and Saafir didn't return the favor. If you're interested in hearing the battle, you should visit youtube. Whoever won the battle is irrelevant, it changed battling just as much, if not, more than how Kool Moe Dee changed battling when he battled Busy Bee (Another classic battle.) Anyway, I decided to give props to one of the Mc's who I consider to be the "Foundation." If you don't know, now ya know...., you should check Saafir out. I'm done, Finna bump this west coast classic, "Just Riden."

Verse I'll Never Forget #1

Why should I say that I feel like Cassius Clay.
Just a little bit older, No I'm still me,
I give the girls the cold shoulder.
But I write about my favorites like MF DOOM.
When I die bury me like King Tut in a tomb,
But not before I bury my bone in a womb,
Im so messed up,
Reason why the cops never try to make me fess up
Cause I'd rather die in Jessup,
Said I was going balls out,
No that's the way I dress up.
Ima say it exactly how I feel,
From the place where brains go to waste,
And children have to steal, food off tables,
Clothes out of stores,
Where boys become pimps, and their moms become whores,
I've been poor before and can't take it anymore
Your life as OMG, while mine was SOL,
Homies moving baking soda, while
I was just trynna sell rhymes,
I've seen more Nicks (Knicks) and Dimes,
Than a fellow,
Who resembles Carmelo Anthony,
I spit so legit, you hypocrite
Your rhymes are blasphemy
I feel sorry for, whoever has to go after me
After Me